Internet Poker or Welcome to the Crypt


You know our elected officials aren’t very bright.

Some thing. Apparently not!

On July 11, 2006, 1 week following the afternoon we celebrate Our liberty, ” the US House of Representatives passed in H.R. 4411,”The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.”

Regulations is usually geared toward preventing individuals from using their money and obtaining gaming sites. Online Poker is specifically concentrated, while lotteries and horse betting essentially receive a free pass. Not love the double standard?

Once More, these figures We’ve elected presume to Dictate the way we Americans have to run ourselves in the solitude of their own homes.

Property of the what? Wait, yes! I am sure I See that somewhere .

Even the hypocrisy and arrogance is astonishing.

Is there a pattern beyond the stupidity? Lotteries and horse Running are actions of individual trials. Poker is a game at which information is gathered and chances might be reasonably estimated on the grounds of card collapse and other dependent elements.

Then again, it may be something as simply perverse as overly Lots of men and women are enjoying .

Currency and power mongering Isn’t a brand new concept in Government.

Nevertheless, why do not legalize online poker and everybody wins. It’s projected that the US Government would grab a trendy 3.3 billion annually in tax revenue. In addition, the nations would money in to the scope of the next billion.

Our history proves that when There’s need for a commodity or Service, people will find a solution to gratify themselves, either legal or elsewhere.

They shot spirits away, enter the horse. They formed the Food and Drug Act, input Bogata, automatic weapons and also a raft of bad pictures.

You can wager This ACT isn’t a function of a moral

Someone is jockeying for position with a schedule. Excuse me If I sound as an associate of the conspiratorial lunatic fringe, but that one really has me steamed.

There is hope. The Poker Player Alliance is a company Dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s beloved past-time and to ensure that your right to enjoy poker because you always have.

I’ve recently joined and urge you to complete precisely the same. This kind of Very considerable organization that includes highly visible poker professionals for example Paul Darden, Howard Lederer, Mike Caro and Greg”The Fossilman” Raymer.

Fight the battle. Do not let them take us.

If you adore Poker get from the Poker Player Alliance.

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